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Aspiring Future Author and Where I'm at so Far

Ever since I was very little ( probably around the age of four ) I aspired to be an author. I would write little books and ask my mom to publish them for me... I would beg and not understand why I wasn't a world famous author, yet. Then again I was only four. To this day there is something about just telling a story. Whether it's on paper or on a computer screen, there is something about putting your ideas into a story... Being able to have the power to make new characters and give them each their own personality.

I personally love reading a good book with its fair share of ups and downs between a couple. They always leaves me hanging on the edge of my seat and flipping the pages for more and more and more until I'm completely satisfied with how it ends. I love to escape into a book that takes me away from reality. Sometimes, there are books though that I want to dive into and they don't even exist. Those are the books that I want to see my name on. Those are the boo…