Goodbye 13

So, tomorrow is the big day. I honestly feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world to have my birthday on Star Wars day! If I wasn't a huge Star Wars fan, it wouldn't mean much, but I am a HUGE fan so...... #teamHan #teamKyloRey
14.... It honestly shocks me. I mean, when I was 10 I would have never imagined myself as a 14 year old. It just felt so far away. But now, that's what 16 feels like... So far away. And here I am, on the last day as a 13 year old. My first year as an "official" teenager is now coming to an end. But yet somehow I feel as if though 14 makes me more of a teenager... Like I'm more, let's say, experienced? Ha! Maybe I'm wrong.
I'm a baby teenager... A young teen still trying to figure out life... A young teen still trying to find who she is in Christ. Yep, I'm a young, newby teen, and I just can't wait to see what God has for my life. I hope that I live out 14 to its fullest potential, and that I do great things with 14 for God's glory. I hope I wear 14 out so much this year ( in a good way, obviously ).  And when 15 comes, that I'll wear that age out too! I'm so excited for a fresh start, a fresh age. I'm so excited God is allowing me to meet 14 in the face and say "We're gonna do great things this year because God is with me." I'm so excited for what year 14 is gonna teach me, and how I'm gonna grow as a 14 year old. So here we go 14! I'm ready to take on you! I'm ready to wear you as my age. Come on and show me what you got! We only have one year together, and we're gonna make it count! There's no stopping this crazy girl! May 4th is only 45 minutes away. Hit me with your best shot...

Until my next appearance. I'll probably be 14 then.
Gotta fly,


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