Live for Something Eternal

Yo, yo, yo. What's up all my fellow readers? My life has been EXTREMELY crazy! But guess what? My softball team and I are district champions! Whoop whoop! We have Regionals this Thursday, so wish us luck!

Today I really wanted to write about this verse. I feel like there's so much to talk about and take from it!

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21 

What does this verse mean to you? Well, let's dissect the first part:

For to me, to live is Christ 

For to me, to live is Christ. What does that mean? It means that while here on this earth our goal should be to live for Christ. In everything we do, live for Christ. That could be as simple as being a good example, showing Christ's love in school, being a friend to someone who has no friends. Could be as extreme as going to a foreign country and sharing the gospel with people who are anti-Christ. Our life here should have purpose.. A purpose for Christ. A purpose to make disciples.. Each and every one of us were born on this earth with a purpose... It's up to you whether to live it out or not. The other day in youth group we watched this video on the song "I'll Fly Away," and there was something the speaker said that really spoke to me:

Life is short! Therefore, we will not leave words unsaid, deeds undone, and hope not shared. 

Guys, life is short! Don't withhold Christ from someone because you're too shy, or because you think that its no use! Live like today is your last day. Share like there's no tomorrow for these people. You not sharing or you sharing could result in where someone ends up for eternity. Don't withhold Christ. YOU may be the ONLY Jesus someone ever sees. YOU may be the ONLY person who ever shares Christ with them. 

Does that mean we're going to be perfect? Nah, man. None of us are. I'm still learning how to trust God and to live out what He wants for my life. But we can sure try our best. We're gonna make mistakes, but we gotta keep chugging along and learn and grow. Make Christ you're driver and learn to be the passenger.

and to die is gain

How could dying be gain? I mean, I don't wanna die! Spiritually, I'm ready for heaven. Physically, I don't wanna go yet. I wanna travel the world, write books, get married, have kids, etc. Those are my heart's desires while here on earth that I pray God would grant. Really, our hope, our desire should be to be in Heaven with our King. Paul is saying that being in Heaven is WAY better than this earth. That's where he yearned to be and that's where we should want to be too. Dying is gain if you think about it. I mean, in Heaven there is no sorrow, pain, heartbreak, disease, loss, etc. Being in Heaven means that we can have eternal happiness and peace with our King! Does that mean that we should just sit around and do nothing till Jesus comes back or until we die? Dude, no (refer back to: for to me to live is Christ.. Go live for Christ! Go make disciples!) Does that mean we shouldn't be excited for our futures? No! God placed those desires in our hearts for a reason! He wants us to enjoy the life He gave us! What I'm trying to stress here is: Live like there's no tomorrow, but be excited for what's on the other side. This life, this earth, these material items... They aren't eternal.


Live for Jesus. Live for the King. Hope and be excited for what's to come.

Hope y'all have a blessed Saturday!
Gotta fly,
Red <3

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