14 Goals for Year 14

14... I've officially been that age for four days now.
I'm currently on my beach trip... The sun has been seeping into my pores ever since I have gotten to the beach house, making me look pink ( of course, I've been wearing a big layer of sunscreen to cover my pale skin )! I love being able to spend time with family that live quite a while away. Snorkeling has also been an absolute blast these past couple days, and I've found some very pretty shells to add to my collection! Although, the water has been extremely clear, so I'm surprised I have found anything!

I'm often catching myself now thinking of me as a 13 year old. I have to then remind myself "No, Lyla, you're 14 now," and it's crazy! I'm still trying to get accustomed to my new age. Sorry, 14, I didn't mean to offend you. I thought that while I'm here explaining all of this to you, I would make 14 goals for 14. "No, Lyla, not 13 goals. 14."

 ~14 Goals for 14~

1. I am going to grow closer to Christ.

- I feel like in this busy thing called life, it can be hard to find time to just chill out with God. Often times, if I were to totally be honest with you, when I do find free time, I am either selfish and end up reading whatever I want to read, or watching Teen Wolf, or even writing. So, I am going to try to spend more time with Jesus. I am going to make Him more of a priority than my hobbies.

2. I am going to spend more time with my family.

- Lots of times, I find that I have my head stuck in a book or a computer blogging and writing than spending time with my family. Yes, me-time is SOOO great, but I probably need to make more of an effort to spend more time with family... In all reality, life is short, and I'm probably gonna be hoping for these days back in the future.

3. I am going to write more!

-For goodness sake, I haven't even began where I left off on my novel in weeks! Life, like I said, is so busy! And, like I said, I am sometimes selfish to reading books and -swoon- watching Teen Wolf! LOL! Writing for the win!! I will finish this novel!

4. I'm going to work on being a better friend.

- Sometimes, I just feel like I lack so much in the friend area! I'm just so busy all the time, it's not even funny! #summerwhereyouat? But, yes, I wanna work on growing closer friendships with people by talking and hanging out more!

5. I want to grow my blog!

- Growing my blog didn't seem like a huge deal until just a few weeks ago! I want more people to read it! Haha! So, if you haven't followed my blog yet, you can follow by entering your email in the left side bar! *wink *wink ;)

6. I'm going to enjoy the simple things in life!

- I sometimes get so caught up in the whirlpool of life and time passes so quickly, I forget to look around and just be thankful for what God has given me.  I, for one, am SOOO thankful for a getaway to the beach this week!!!  #BEACHTHERAPY

7. I am going to, Lord willing, not overthink so much.

- Goodness, overthinking runs all through my veins. I rethink every conversation, action, just scenario in general. Sometimes, everything is fine in my mind, and then other times, I overthink everything and wonder if I did the right thing. Did I say the right thing? Did it work out all right? Did I do something to offend that person? Golly, could the list go on any farther? What I'm learning though, is that the past is the past, and sometimes you need to let go! Life is to short to overthink everything. People aren't always going to agree with you, and goodness, sometimes I say the wrong things in an awkward situation. Huh, I'm imperfect! I'm going to try my best to let the God guide me and just relax.

8. I am not going to say "I'm sorry" so much.

- Yep, I'm not going to say "I'm sorry" so much. Why? Because I say sorry WAY to much! I strongly believe that if you have something to apologize for ( like hurting someones feelings by something you said ), then you should say sorry! It's the right thing to do, and you should want to do it! Problem with me is, I apologize for no good reason. Yep, I say I'm sorry just to say it. It's like I've grown so accustomed to saying it, it's second nature. A terrible habit that I am going to try to break soon! Like for instance, when I'm playing a sport, I'll say sorry for like every mistake. Dropped a ball "I'm sorry," made a bad throw, "I'm sorry," did a drill wrong, "I'm sorry." That is what I mean. Everyone makes mistakes, and frankly, I over apologize for them. That's just one example, but, yes, I say sorry a lot. 

9. I'm going to work on being myself more.

- I feel like I've definitely gotten better about being myself, but I for sure wanna keep working on it! Everyone is gonna have an opinion about me, good or bad, and I want to still be myself whether they like me or not. God created me the way I am, and I shouldn't, nor should you, change for the sake of people's opinions. --- Of course, unless your version of being yourself is really bad, and others realize it and maybe even you, then you should probably re-evaluate yourself.

10. I'm going to try to treat my body better.

- Whether it's eating healthier, exercising more, having me-time ( although, I already do that a lot. Ha. ), I wanna treat myself better.

11. I am going to play the piano more!

12. I am going to, hopefully, travel more!

-  Whether is be this year ( probably not ) or later on in life, I for sure wanna travel the world and more of the United States!

13. I am going to learn French!

- Yep, school requires me to do that, but nonetheless, I really would like to know how to speak a different language!

14. I am going to try to live like there's no tomorrow everyday!

- I'm gonna try to let go, be free in Christ, and just in general, live life! I don't wanna worry about the what-ifs and the opinions! I wanna go on an adventure! I guess we'll see what kinda adventures 14 holds? Hopefully some pretty good ones!

Thanks for reading guys! What kinda goals do you have for your life/ this year? Comment below!!!

Until my next arrival... Hopefully, gonna fulfill some of those goals pretty well.
Gotta fly,


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